differences are worth as gold op werk.

Teams with a lot of diversity have better results. The more diverse you are the better your results.
It appears from research companies with different types of people score better on all fronts. According to scientists, diversity in the work is a driving force behind activity and innovation.
And it also appears that staff who are allowed to be themselves at work leads to higher productivity at the company. It appears from research in several countries that such companies run financially up to dozens of the percent better than the competitors in their branch.

By fatemeh Olthuis

Microsoft Scammers – November 2017

Microsoft Scammers November 2017

I was contacted by a man called Microsoft employee in Amsterdam via telephone because my laptop would have security problems, according to him.

I had the telephone conversation with him from my home telephone. By presumably assuming a false sanity, by artful artifacts and a conglomeration of fictions, I was moved to log in to my laptop and a number of transfers of various accounts. I was then disadvantaged for an amount of 4250 euros.

The money belongs to me and nobody had the right to consent to this unlawfully.

The phone call lasted almost 2 hours. I got a belief in Indian man on the phone who only spoke English. This man told me that he worked for Microsoft in Amsterdam and they do not speak in the local language with the clients. The man told me that my laptop was at risk and that he wanted to secure the laptop with me. He said that he had a few notifications from my windows and my Microsoft office that showed errors and warnings. Through him I saw the list of about 5000 errors and warning in my laptop. I believed the man. He came across the phone very reliably. The man knew exactly my name and also gained confidence.

The man went through all sorts of technical things with me. I saw that the control of my laptop was taken over. All kinds of lists with numbers appeared especially the warning and errors. At a certain point in time, the man said he wanted to set a trap for the hackers who would have it on my laptop. I had to give permission by giving the log-in codes of internet banking. That way they could have collected 4250 Euros from my account. Afterwards I checked my account and I realized the scams.

Over 10 years ready for geothermal energy


Geothermal energy is becoming a new alternative energy source in Enschede.

Technical companies think that in ten years, houses and companies in Enschede can be heated with a geothermal energy of 5 kilometers deep. The temperature of the earth in a depth of a few kilometers is high enough to make heat water.

After wind, sun and biomass energy sources, Enschede municipality has encountered geothermal activity. By that time it would work like this: in a suitable location, two holes are drilled to pump water around. Cold water goes in and hot water gets pumped out……. Of course, research has to be done like a test drill with soil samples.

Of course, research has to be still done such as a test-drill with soil samples and political negotiation has to be implemented about this technic.

Every 12 minutes someone with dementia comes along!

Being aware of Memory Loss tied to less likely Risk for Alzheimer’s:

Do you find recently yourself worrying about how poor your memory has been? Do you forget easily the name of a person who you meet for the first time lately or the name of your old friends? You leave your staff more often somewhere and you couldn’t find them? Does make this kind of unpleasant thing you worried? That may actually be a good thing.

A new Canadian study shows that people who are not aware of their memory problems are actually greater likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you know there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s disease and no way to slow the progression of the disease?

It is very hard to hear that every 12 minutes someone with dementia comes along.

It seems strange!We live in a very developed, lux and advanced century but there are still many things unknown about dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Fortunately, there has been done recently many research about this disease but it has to be still done lots of research and lot of investment is needed.

For a better life for everybody in the world, we have to help each other physically, mentally, psychologically and financially. There is no guaranty for me or for you that you get no Alzheimer’s in future!

What do you know about this subject?




New marriage law in the Netherlands

Couples who decide to marry after 2017 do not include the law of joint-ownership of couples in all properties and assets, but joint ownership includes a limited portion of properties and assets.

In the Netherlands, almost 50% of marriages lead to divorce. Although no couples marry the divorce at the beginning of their common life, the reality is that divorce continues to rise in the Netherlands. And although marriage is a romantic and dreaming of life, divorce rates are more troublesome than any other issue. However going through a divorce is as much as hardships and unpleasant emotional consequences, conflict over financial issues of this phenomenon put both parties more under pressure. Therefore, the new marriage law contributes to this issue to some extent and makes the phenomenon of divorce a less tense subject. Based on the new marriage law, during the divorce, both of the parties have the right to joint ownership of the property which they have acquired jointly after marriage, not before marriage.

This new law seems to be very similar to the common law of marriage in Iran, which has been implemented for many years and is considered to be the origin of Islamic law. But is divorcing easily and considering all the rights of the parties for man and woman, it is a questionable to me (the author). The pieces of evidence in both countries show that the financial, cultural and emotional issues of the divorce and life after divorce in Iran have become so much fatal for both parties, especially for women.

For details on the new marriage law in the Netherlands, see the Newspaper Date 04-10-2017 by Tubantia, or sending an e-mail to adminlife@blife123.com