Microsoft Scammers – November 2017

Microsoft Scammers November 2017

I was contacted by a man called Microsoft employee in Amsterdam via telephone because my laptop would have security problems, according to him.

I had the telephone conversation with him from my home telephone. By presumably assuming a false sanity, by artful artifacts and a conglomeration of fictions, I was moved to log in to my laptop and a number of transfers of various accounts. I was then disadvantaged for an amount of 4250 euros.

The money belongs to me and nobody had the right to consent to this unlawfully.

The phone call lasted almost 2 hours. I got a belief in Indian man on the phone who only spoke English. This man told me that he worked for Microsoft in Amsterdam and they do not speak in the local language with the clients. The man told me that my laptop was at risk and that he wanted to secure the laptop with me. He said that he had a few notifications from my windows and my Microsoft office that showed errors and warnings. Through him I saw the list of about 5000 errors and warning in my laptop. I believed the man. He came across the phone very reliably. The man knew exactly my name and also gained confidence.

The man went through all sorts of technical things with me. I saw that the control of my laptop was taken over. All kinds of lists with numbers appeared especially the warning and errors. At a certain point in time, the man said he wanted to set a trap for the hackers who would have it on my laptop. I had to give permission by giving the log-in codes of internet banking. That way they could have collected 4250 Euros from my account. Afterwards I checked my account and I realized the scams.

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